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6 Ways to Kick That Bionic Pregnancy Nose to the Curb!

As if morning sickness wasn't bad enough those pesky pregnancy hormones can result in a super sensitive nose (hyperosmia) in as many as 2/3 women! This sensitive sniffer can be one of the first signs of pregnancy and can sometimes trigger your morning sickness. Let's banish that bionic nose!

1 - Avoid Food Triggers

Certain foods are more likely to trigger your morning sickness - think the foods with strong smells: garlic, onion, fish, durian, blue cheese and many many more!

Also avoid reheating these foods as reheating can actually make the smell worse!

2 - Get Fresh Air

Air out your home, open the windows. Get outside more often. This will blow away the stinky culprits!

3 - Laundry

Fabrics can hold on to scents. Washing your laundry more often than you might if you weren't pregnant can help limit offensive scents in your home.

4 - Ditch Heavily Scented Products

Get rid of your body sprays, deodorants, cologne/perfumes, body wash - anything with a heavy scent. And yes, this includes laundry detergent (see above)

5 - Ask for Consideration

Don't be afraid to ask someone with a stinky lunch, or an overly scented perfume to sit farther away from you. You're pregnant, everyone understands.

6 - Distraction!

Distract that sniffer with a stronger scent like peppermint. Sucking on a peppermint or chewing peppermint gum can distract your sense of smell AND has the bonus of treating your nausea!

If you're still having difficulties don't be afraid to contact your ND! We have lots of different ways to help your super nose and morning sickness!

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