What is a Naturopathic Birth Doula

  • Someone who provides physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother and family before, during, and just after the birth

  • A postpartum doula can help ease the transition of an infant into a family

Benefits of a Birth Doula

•Fewer complications

•Healthier infants

•Easier breastfeeding

•Lower post-partum depression rates

Who is a Naturopathic Birth Doula
What can a Naturopathic Birth Doula Do For You
  • Help you (and your partner) prepare and execute your birth plan

  • Stay with, and provide you support throughout your labour and delivery

  • Provide prenatal and postnatal care including nutrition, and supplementation

As a Naturopathic Birth Doula I completed additional training with regards to Naturopathic Labour and Delivery Support. I have had the pleasure of attending both home births and hospital births, and would be happy to attend your birth, wherever it may be! My work as a Naturopathic Doula is covered under most extended health care benefits packages.