• Dr Kendra Clifford ND

14 Foods in Season this March - and Why You Should Eat Locally!

Did you know that there are still some foods you can get that are local, and in season, even in the sometimes snowy tundra that is Ontario Canada in March? 

Eating locally grown foods has numerous benefits. These include:


- Eating locally provides support to your local economy, including your local farmers, and other producers (eg cheese, dairy etc.)

- When local farmers sell directly to you, they get to keep a larger portion of the profits! 

- Ensures that your food has been tested with safety regulations. Canada has strict safety regulations when it comes to food. This includes testing with regards to antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides etc. 


Local food doesn't have to travel as far, this helps limit carbon emissions and greenhouse gases (althout there is some debate on this as small trucks may emit more emissions than large cargo vehicles in some situations...)

- It encourages sustainable agriculture - eating locally encourages diversification of local agriculture. This reduces monoculture which can be a detriment to the local soil

- Less waste - less processing typically equals less waste, eating locally results in less handling and less processing of our foods and thereofore - less waste


- Local food may provide more nutrition as local foods are often allowed to ripen longer

- Red peppers and tomatoes (which are in season this month!) often lose some of their nutrients when shipped long distances! 


A locavore is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as someone who only eats or principally of locally grown or produced food. What do you think? Can we all become locavores? Comment below!

- Dr Kendra Clifford ND 

The information in this post is for educational purposes only and should not be substituted for medical advice.


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