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What is Cupping? 

Cupping is a little known (although gaining popularity due to it's use by celebrities such as Michael Phelps) practice upon which suction is used to bring blood flow, loosen muscles, and sedate the nervous system in the area. You can think of cupping as sort of the reverse of a deep tissue massage. Where in massage the pressure is being applied downward on the skin and muscles, in cupping the skin and muscles are being pulled upwards. Cupping has been shown to penetrate up to FOUR inches below the skin! 

How is Cupping Performed?

Cupping can either be done statically - where the cups are left in one place on the skin, or with movement - where the cups are slid gently across the skin. When left statically - the cups remain for 5 - 10 minutes with the patient relaxes. 

What Conditions is Cupping Used For?

Like massage cupping can be used for a variety of conditions. These include the relief of muscle tension, clearing congestion due to colds or flus, anxiety, migraines, and even high blood pressure. 

Will Cupping Leave a Mark?

Cupping WILL leave a mark - think of it as a small love bite. These are NOT bruises. If done correctly with communication between the patient and practitioner - cupping should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience with no pain. These marks may last up to a week, depending on the individual. 

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