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Allergic Rhinitis

Commonly known as hay fever, allergic rhinitis affects millions of Canadians. 

Like other allergies, allergic rhinitis occurs when an individual is over sensitized to items in the environment. This can lead to symptoms such as: 

  • Runny/stuffy nose

  • Sneezing

  • Itchy eyes, skin, or palate

  • Fatigue

There are two forms of allergic rhinitis:

  • Seasonal:

    • Seasonal allergy sufferers often experience symptoms in spring, summer, and early fall

    • These symptoms are typically due to airborne particles such as pollen from trees, grass, and weeds

    • Eg. Birch, ragweed, goldenrod etc.

  • Perennial:

    • Perennial allergies are those that occur year round

    • These symptoms are typically due to household allergens

    • Eg: Pet dander, mold, dust mites

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